Tracks :

  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
  • Blew Cap
  • Pretty Miss
  • Ethel's Dance
  • Lady in the Dark
  • Rufty Tufty
  • Speed the Plough
  • Kettle Drum
  • Market Day
  • Charming Maid
  • Staines Morris
  • Dargason
  • Waltz Country Dance
  • Northern Nancy
  • Row Well ye Marriners
  • The Maid Peeped out of the Window
  • Draper's Maggot
  • Windy Morning


The musics of this CD n° 3 correspond to the dances described in the brochure n° 3.


This CD is conceived for the pleasure of the listening as well as for that of the dance. As it is suggested by its title, dances were chosen for the contrast of the tastes, the colors and the atmospheres. The dancers will appreciate the fact that every piece begins with a chord or a sentence to call, it contains the number of repeats in compliance with the choreography, and that the tempi were chosen in every case in agreement with the atmosphere and the pleasure of the dance.

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